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Welcome to our Nodes of Science Wiki

Nodes of Science is a collaborative science communication and outreach network promoting skeptical inquiry and scientific reasoning throughout social media. We emphasise mutual, evidence-based discourse while exploring public science issues and challenging misinformation. Our community uses contemporary research on science communication to re-evaluate our own intuitions, assumptions, and approaches. A continuing discussion of evidence-based strategies gives us new tools as we seek open dialogue with a diverse public.

Since online communities develop their own identities, philosophies, and perspectives, our unique nodes adapt to the notion that there is no one way to communicate science. Different audiences and topics need different approaches. This understanding nurtured the idea of Nodes of Science into a central hub bridging several projects across social media.

Each Node of Science is a culture of its own, yet each one is a part of a larger, unified network.

Please feel free to join our exploration into Public Science Issues and Science Communication. You can also get to know some of the social network communities across various platforms such as our Skepti-Forum.

You may contact with any questions or requests. We can help you locate stored information.

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